About Nicole

Welcome! I love food & nutrition, living an active lifestyle, traveling, and learning new things. I am fairly new to the culinary world, and everything I know comes from my own trials and errors. I got diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome) in 2014, and waited an entire four years to really take my diet and nutrition seriously. 2018 is when I started to befriend food, and started learning which foods complimented my body and which didn't. 

To accompany my nutrition, of course, is an active lifestyle. I was always an active child and teenager, soccer and volleyball were the competitive sports I enjoyed playing. As I got out of the structure of school, my activity level started declining, and as a result, I gained weight very rapidly. As time went on, well into my young-adult years, I realized an active lifestyle is a great way to not only help me lose the physical weight I gained, but to also lose the heaviness I gained mentally. Staying active, especially in nature, helps my mental health tremendously, which is enough for me to incorporate it (mostly) everyday. 

Traveling has always been a part of me, mostly because most of my family resides in South America (Argentina, to be exact), and the only way I get to see them is through travel. I was exposed to traveling at a very young age, and because of this, I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge on the do's and don't's, which I will be sharing with all of you.

I hope that this page brings insight and enjoyment to whoever it crosses paths with. This blog is meant to bring light and awareness, but it is also meant to bring laughter as well.

Again, welcome to my page. I hope you have time for some tea.